Center's consulting audits help companies and organizations to establish the degree of compliance of the existing management system with the requirements of international standards and prepare for the certification audit.

Our Center offers the following consulting audits:

1. Comparative analysis (gap-analysis) - is conducted when no standards on management systems have been previously implemented in the company. It helps to establish “gaps” in the existing management system from the point of view of the management system, for example, Аудит QMCcomplied with the requirements of ISO 9001 or the requirements of other standards, and in fact, specific business risks and the potential of optimizing the management system are identified, the scope and areas of subsequent consulting are clarified.

2. At the stage of management system implementation - we will help you to plan and   conduct an internal audit of the management system being implemented

3. When the management system is developed and implemented - we will conduct a pre-certification audit as close as possible to the certification process (that is in fact, it is a rehearsal of a certification audit). Pre-certification audit is included in the full package of the Center services and can also be provided as an unbundled service. Consists of desktop audit (documentation audit) and on-site audit.                               

4. Diagnostic audit - we will conduct before the observation audit or re-certification audit, as well as, if it necessary, the transition to the new version of the standard.

In the work of the Center, the principle of independence is observed - the audit is conducted by the Center specialists who did not advised the client on the management system development and implementation and have an experience in conducting audits.

Consulting audits are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of ISO 19011.