Full economic cooperation between countries can not do without the development of universal international standards. Therefore, World Standards Day is celebrated around the world every year. This holiday aims to draw the attention of all people to the problems associated with the creation of universal standards for all. After all, tens of thousands specialists around the world dedicate their professional skills and even life to this necessary work.

When did start celebrating the Day of standards?

In London, on October 14, 1946, the first standardization conference was opened. It was attended by 65 delegates representing 25 world countries. On the conference unanimously adopted a resolution establishing the International Organization for Standardization. In English its name sounds like International Organization for Standardization or ISO. And much later, in 1970, then-President of ISO proposed to celebrate World Standards Day every year on October 14. Today, 162 countries have national standards organizations that are part of ISO.

The concept of standardization means the establishment of universal rules for streamlining of any activity with the participation of all interested parties. The object of standardization can be a specific type of product, methods, requirements or norms that are applied many times and are used in science and technology, agriculture and industrial production, other areas of the national economy, and, besides, in international trade. Indeed for international trade it is very important to have regulatory requirements that have the same value as both for consumer and manufacturer.

World Standards Day motto

Based on the achievements of modern science, technology, as well as on practical experience, standardization is regarded as one of the stimulus of progress in both technology and science. ISO’s national representative offices annually propose to be held various events within the framework of World Standardization Day. For example, in Canada, it was decided to publish an extraordinary publication of a traditional magazine called “Consensus” or “Consent” in honor of this day. Additionally, the Canadian standardization organization has launched a variety of initiatives that would clarify the growing role of standardization in the global economy.

World Standardization Day is held under a specific theme each year. So, this year the holiday is held under the motto “Standards is the language that the whole world speaks”. 

Source: http://womanadvice.ru/vsemirnyy-den-standartov