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We are proud to share with you some momentous news for PECB.

We are proud to share with you some momentous news for PECB.

 After successfully meeting the Accreditation Criteria, PECB has achieved to extend the accreditation scope with the following schemes:

 ISO/IEC 17024 Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons

 PECB is one of the first certification bodies in the world to have an accredited online examination system and an accredited scheme for GDPR. PECB has succeeded to extend its accreditation scope by covering ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 28000, and ISO 37001. The extension of our accreditation scope by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) has only enhanced our commitment to offering comprehensive examination and certification services that inspire trust and benefit the society as a whole.

 ISO/IEC 17021 Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems

PECB’s scope of accreditation has been extended by The International Accreditation Service (IAS) to now include ISO 37001. Following a successful scope extension audit performed by IAS, PECB has successfully added ISO 37001 to its scope. From now on, we will be able to offer accredited certifications for ISO 37001 under the Accreditation Criteria for Bodies Operating Certification of Organization based on ISO/IEC 17021. PECB is pleased to announce that it is officially, the first Management Systems Certification Body in the North America accredited for ISO 37001.

ISO/IEC 17065 Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services

PECB has expanded its business line by achieving Accreditation for the PECB Training Certification Program (PTCP).  With the new service, PECB provides accredited certifications to anyone who develops a training course that meets the criteria of the PTCP. PECB is proud to attain this accreditation under ISO/IEC 17065 as it is the first of its kind.

 We are profoundly proud that our continuous commitment to strive for excellence when delivering premium professional services, has translated into accomplishments.